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White America Ought to Be Ashamed

No matter how you slice it or dice it, being White in America has clear advantages and privileges so imagine how perplexed I was to read an article recently declaring their race is dying due to economic despair. 


Oh, but let me clarify.  The article in the Washington Post says there is a "sea or despair" among white working class  Americans.  These are the ones who have nothing more than a high school diploma or are high school drop-outs.  Sounds like the "adorable deplorables" who voted for Trump and the same ones he vowed to help first once he was elected.

According to a study on the matter "sickness and early death in the white working class world could be rooted in poor job prospects for less educated young people as they first enter the labor market, a situation that compounds over time through family dysfunction, social isolation, addiction, obesity and other pathologies."

So my takeaway from the article is that poor whites who live in rural America are suffering because they chose not to take advantage of their white privilege. They chose to remain isolated in their own shell of a life and chose not to see or venture beyond it.  They chose not to be open-minded.  They chose not to take advantage of an educational system that would give the clear advantage over any minority with the same qualifications.  Need I remind you of the employers who said they would hire a white felon over a black man with a college degree (article)

So here we are in Trump's America with his drug addicted, alcoholic, unemployed "adorable deplorable" base who is crying out for help.  

May I remind you that we have Blacks who are also suffering but unlike white America we don't have the same privileges so perhaps the whining ought to stop.  


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