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"I Want Some Attention!"

Have you been spinning your wheels trying to get your book or business recognized by more people that just the folks you network with on RYZE or AuthorsDen, MySpace, LinkedIn or Squidoo, etc?

Putting you and your product in the "spotlight" can be overwhelming. BUT IT CAN BE DONE!

Free publicity, sometimes, means breaking away from tradition. Press releases are fine. They serve a purpose but if your press release doesn't capture attention in the first couple of sentences, it goes into the discarded pile. So what should you do when you're hungry for media exposure, especially when you know you've got a great book, product or business and you're excited about it?

Please join me on Thursday, February 8 when I discuss "How to Get Noticed by the Media: Breaking Away from Tradition". This is a follow-up to the call on January 25. Media Experts Raven Blair Davis of WomenPowerRadio in Houston, Louie Jones of the Louie Jones Show in Chicago and Kim Ro… & Team Up for Valentine's Day

I'm convinced that some men really need help when it comes to knowing how to please their mates on Valentine's Day. And I've decided to help them, along with some help from and a few hundred women.

This year I'm teaming up with to sponsor the First Annual Baby Boomer Valentine's Day Contest in which baby boomer women will be submitting their thoughts and ideas on what a man needs to do in order to sweep the love of his life off of her feet and give her the most romantic day imaginable.

The judges are five baby boomer men I selected at random. The only person I know in the group is a deacon at my church and I have to tell you, I chose him because of the relationship I have witnessed between him and his wife. The other judges were selected because we are all writers and are connected in one group or another on-line.

It should be interesting because you know we women tend to be very opinionated.

Is Valentine's Day only set asid…