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Showing posts from March 14, 2010

My Local Pharmacy versus Prescriptions By Mail

I went to my local pharmacy yesterday and found myself paying $25 more this month for my medication. When I questioned why, the pharmacist said he really didn't know and advised me to contact my insurance company directly to find out what was going on.

I did just that and discovered the extra money I paid was considered a penalty. My insurance company penalized me for patronizing my local pharmacy instead of using the prescriptions by mail plan. Apparently, I can only go to my local pharmacy so many times before the insurance company tacks on their version of a fine. The plan, according to the insurance company, is the one agreed upon by my husband's employer so they are just enforcing it. Is this a part of health reform?

So now, instead of having one on one contact with my local pharmacist, I will be at the mercy of my local mailman. I wonder if he will know what I should do in case of an emergency.

Do you use prescriptions by mail? If so, does it work better for you?