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Make Up Does Not Define Aging Gracefully

I got the shock of my life recently when I ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store. I thought I recognized her but wasn't quite sure so I called her name. It was her WITHOUT makeup. I thought, "Oh my God! Is that really how you look?!"
She looked like a totally different woman and not a very attractive one, I might add.

The same thing happened some years ago when I was working at WITN-TV. I had come into the station early to get my assignment and saw a young woman sitting at one of the anchor desks. I thought she might've been an intern until I got up close and personal and discovered it was our 5pm anchor. She looks downright scary WITHOUT makeup. She had blotches all over her face and her skin had an uneven tone. With makeup she was stunning so that's obviously how she got hired.

During the years I worked as a TV news reporter, my News Director was always encouraging me to wear make-up. I would throw on some lipstick and a little powder for f…