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Showing posts from November 25, 2007

A Family Affair: Baby Boomer Style

One of the things my husband and I talked about when we were dating (a few years ago) was the fact that we were going to put ourselves in a position of being financially independent. We weren’t going to rely on Corporate America to take care of us into retirement.

We are two intelligent and highly motivated individuals who still have dreams and passions at midlife. When circumstances forced me to give up my television news job last year, my husband stepped up and became the wind beneath my wings. He helped me soar to my greatest heights on a new career path and, sometimes, had to guide me back in the right direction when I was steering off course.

He now understands why I spend so many hours on the computer doing research and answering emails and promoting what I do. He’s finally figuring out the fact that menopause pays benefits and so does “all things baby boomer.”

But more importantly, he is pursuing his own midlife passions with a goal to be healthy and fit for as long as …

When children lose someone they care about

The day after Thanksgiving the grandmother of my daughter’s best friend passed away. It was expected, but as with any death where illness is involved, family and friends are always hopeful that the end will come later instead of sooner.

I watched in awe as my teenage daughter became a pillar of strength for her friend who was obviously very close to her grandmother. From the moment the decision was made to take her off of the respirator, my daughter stepped up to offer comfort to her friend in the best way she could. She went to the hospital and maintained a vigil with the family. She left---only to return again at midnight---when she learned of her passing.

Just last month I found myself in the same situation when I lost a dear friend. It was if my daughter had watched my every move because she was doing what I had done.

It is expected that baby boomers, like me, will lose older family members and friends as time goes by but when children lose people they care about, it can be a …