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Who are My Forefathers?

I had an interesting conversation today at Costo's which prompted this blog post.

While waiting for my medication two older gentlemen were talking about the principals this country were founded upon and how we have lost sight of that with President Obama in the White House. I'm not sure what one had to do with the other but I kept listening.

One man said he thought the TRUE patriots were those who came from small towns---rural America---because as he put it, "They still believe and live by the values this country was founded upon." He said our forefathers laid out a roadmap by which we were to follow and we have totally strayed from it.

OK---that was my cue to jump in the conversation.

I asked him if he believed our forefathers held the best interests of everyone, in light of the fact that slavery existed and ALL of them owned slaves. He said our forefathers were lookin' out for the Coloreds because they were in a foreign land and needed guidance until they …