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Who are My Forefathers?

I had an interesting conversation today at Costo's which prompted this blog post.

While waiting for my medication two older gentlemen were talking about the principals this country were founded upon and how we have lost sight of that with President Obama in the White House. I'm not sure what one had to do with the other but I kept listening.

One man said he thought the TRUE patriots were those who came from small towns---rural America---because as he put it, "They still believe and live by the values this country was founded upon." He said our forefathers laid out a roadmap by which we were to follow and we have totally strayed from it.

OK---that was my cue to jump in the conversation.

I asked him if he believed our forefathers held the best interests of everyone, in light of the fact that slavery existed and ALL of them owned slaves. He said our forefathers were lookin' out for the Coloreds because they were in a foreign land and needed guidance until they could get on their feet.  REALLY?!  So they could get on their feet and do what?  Get whipped to a pulp again for not obeying massah?

I thought I was being punked and Ashton Kutcher would come out at any moment.

I can't even tell you how stunned I was to hear his response and to think he truly believed that in his heart.

"Mahone-Gibbs. Your medication is ready."


So who were my forefathers again?


Pat Montgomery said…
Bev, check your facts. Not all the founding fathers of this country owned slaves and in fact, it was a very devisive issue even then with many wanted to free them at the outset. John Adams for one. And Thomas Jefferson became convinced that slavery was wrong and freed all of his slaves upon his death.

I agree that these men were a somewhat misguided--there are many people around the country that are patriotic and live by our founding principles.
Mitch said…
Bev, it's amazing that you were able to let it go at that moment. I'm not so sure that I would've been able to just walk away without at least making sure I had my say first. It's a shame that this is how some people still believe things are, but I guess that's why we keep saying the opposite on our blogs and in person whenever we get a chance.
Beverly said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Beverly said…
I knew it had to be a God intervening on this one because just as sure as I was ready to get GHETTO, the pharmacist called my name. All I could do was shake my head and mumble in disgust and LEAVE before a fight broke out---and you and I both know who would've been arrested. That's NOT the kind of publicity I'm seeking :)
Beverly Mahone said…
Hi Pat,

Yes, I reacted at the spur of the moment without the benefit of a computer to research the facts.

The point of this blog was to point out the ignorance of people who believe slavery was a good thing. Slavery divided this nation making whites believe that black people were not worthy of being anything but slaves and lacked intellligence.

The fact that someone still alive today believes whites were just looking after the best interest of the "Coloreds" gives me a migrane.

I do believe there are many people who are patriotic and that includes ALL races.
Val said…
That attitude is just appalling and if it'd been me there my blood pressure would have hit the roof! I will never understand how we've reached the 21st century and there are still so many people who are still so ignorant. I'm afraid, coward though I usually am on speaking up for others, I'd have given the guy an earfull. Sorry you had to go through that Beverly.
Beverly Mahone said…

Believe me--this was one time where I had to force myself to use restraint. I see and hear this kind of ignorance more often than I want to.

I just could not understand the whole slavery concept comment and how they felt some comfortable expressing this line of thinking in my presence. I guess he just expected me to look at him and say, "Thank ya Massa for my freedum!"
Kathy said…
"Slavery divided this nation making whites believe that black people were not worthy of being anything but slaves and lacked intellligence."

SOME whites, okay, a LOT of whites, but not all. As Pat wrote, it was a very divisive issue from the beginning. Don't forget how many white people fought and died in the Civil War to end slavery.

I realize that's not the point of your blog and the attitude of the men in Costco is appalling.
Pat Montgomery said…
I understand your concern, Bev and I share it. Ignorance and bigotry at any level infuriates me. And I agree the comment that guy made was WAY out of line. So sad in this day and time.

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