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Your and Your Child's Teacher on Facebook

Teachers on Facebook has generated quite a bit of discussion over the past few weeks here in North Carolina. At least one teacher has been fired and several others suspended for posting comments and pictures unbecoming of an Educator.

I asked this question before. What difference does it make what a teacher does in his or her spare time as long as it isn't directly affecting his/her job? Now when a teacher posted a comment on her Facebook page that she hated her students--that was, in my opinion, just cause for her dismissal.

But what about those teachers out there who are looking for a love connection. If you're a single parent and the teacher just happens to teach your child--do you see any harm in "hooking up"?

I posed this question to my husband and his answer surprised me. He said he saw nothing wrong with it. He said "parents and teachers need love too."

What do you say?

Your Teacher Hates Your Child

As a baby boomer parent, I am disturbed to read more and more stories about teachers and students connecting on social networking sites for purposes other than school work. But what is equally as troubling is the fact that some teachers are using their web pages to say derogatory things about the kids they teach. Recently, a high-school special-education teacher was suspended for using a Facebook “mood box” to post “I'm feeling p----- because I hate my students!”

In another NC case, the Superintendent has recommended firing a Thomasboro Elementary teacher whose page said she was “teaching in the most ghetto school in Charlotte” and described her students as “chitlins.” Her lawyer said his client intended no offense to her students and was simply telling the truth about resegregated schools in CMS.

Some teachers say what they do on their own time is their business and as long as it doesn’t affect the way they teach, it shouldn’t matter. Is this a generational thing?

What do y…