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Baby Boomers and The Country Club Mentality

Prior to leaving campus for the summer my daughter asked me to come visit so I could go apartment hunting with her.

Much to my surprise, every apartment complex she liked at had a pool and fitness center. The landscaping was impeccable and some were gated communitities---which means a security guard had to approve your entrance. Rent ranged from $595 to $800.

My, how college life has changed!

My first apartment in college was on the upper floor of a two bedroom house. It wasn't in the best condition but it was liveable and it was quiet. It had a stove and refrigerator but no fancy carpet and certainly no pool in the back yard. My fitness workout was the distance I had to walk from my apartment to campus. My rent was $100/mo plus utilities.

OK, so that was more than 30 years ago and I do understand the cost of living and all but what happened to the little mom and pop landlords who just want to help out students who are trying to advance in life? Do they exist anymore?

But th…