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Showing posts from January 27, 2008

Turn Up the Heat for Super Bowl Sunday

I don’t about you but I refuse to be a baby boomer sports widow on Super Bowl Sunday. I am not going to sit at home alone while my baby boomer husband decides he wants to be around “like-minded” individuals (who just happen to be all men) to watch the big game.

Actually, I won’t be alone because my husband actually enjoys watching sports with me. Why? Because I’ve studied the games over the years---and being a cheerleader certainly helped! I can sit and intelligently discuss first downs and offside penalties and referee calls that should’ve or should not have been made. I’ve also learned how to make watching the game interesting in the romance department.

I guess you're asking yourself, how can sports possibly be romantic especially if you hate it. Well, why not look at it this way. If you love your husband (mate), why not take a sincere interest in his love for the game---whether it be football, basketball, tennis or WHATEVER! If it's something your husband really enjoys, woul…

Can Baby Boomers Find Their Soul Mate Online?

If you had asked me this question 10 years ago, I would've said "No way!" but less than five years ago, I met the man I eventually married on the internet. Well, actually HE found ME.

I met my first husband in an apartment complex. Funny, how times have changed. With the introduction of this relatively new technology called the “internet,” baby boomers, like myself, are finding another innovative way to hook-up.

These days, the internet offers an interesting way to meet similar-minded people and make a connection. Regardless of a certain stigma attached to meeting people online, there is no denying the fact that there are literally millions of people out there using cyberspace hoping to make a connection.

Looks and physical appearance are more likely to take a back seat as we age and we tend to look at other more important qualities such as personality, spirituality and goal-oriented interests.

There is a disadvantage of internet dating though. You could end up wasting…