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Showing posts from October 5, 2008

Baby Boomer Divas Reach Out and Touch

You know, there's something special when grown-ups can connect with young people in a positive way. That's what Bern Nadette Stanis did today when she spoke to the drama class at Hillside High School in Durham, NC. I arranged to have her speak there because of my admiration and respect for their drama teacher Wendell Tabb.

Even before we could get inside the school a student spotted her from a distance and started yelling "Thelma! Thelma!" How she could see that far away is beyond me. Before I knew it we we swarmed by excited teenagers. These are teens who weren't even born when Good Times was on the air! Still, they were starry-eyed and anxious to get up close and personal with someone they've seen on the TV Land re-runs.

The crowd became so large at one point, sheriff's deputies had to be called in because they thought there was a big gang fight going on! Once they realized it was Thelma they, too, became star struck and starting pulling out camera…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way from the Airport


What was supposed to be a ten minute ride from the RDU airport to the hotel ended up being more than 30 minutes. I even had to stop at a gas station to ask someone for directions and I STILL GOT LOST.

Why did this happen? Because I was looking to cut down on expenses for my Business Boot Camp for Women Event. Here's the deal: Instead of hiring a limousine service to pick up my celebrity guests for this weekend's Business Boot Camp for Women Event, I decided to save on expenses and become the "celebrity chauffeur."

First guest to arrive is Bern Nadette Stanis. Most people know her as "Thelma" from the 70s hit TV show Good Times. She had to fly from Los Angeles to Atlanta and then to Raleigh-Durham. She was up at the crack of dawn to get here. The plane was about 30 minutes late. So instead of getting here BEFORE 11pm--she arrived closer to 11:45.

I waited patiently to see her come down the escalator. But instead of being one of the fi…