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A Charlie Brown Christmas Tradition Lives On

Earlier this week, A Charlie Brown Christmas came on television. Ever since my daughter was a little girl, we used to sit and watch it together---the same as I did with my parents when I was little. This year, however, my daughter was away at college so I completely forgot about that particular mother-daughter holiday tradition. (My two-year-old grandson was spending the night with his other grandparents so he wasn't available).

But while on Twitter, one of my followers, Carla Nix, announced that she was watching it with her daughter, which sparked some memories.

So in keeping with the tradition, I called my 18-year-old college freshman and we sat on the phone and watched it together. She knew the part I would cry on and we laughed together as we reminicsed about the Charlie Brown Christmases of the past. She reminded me of the crazy dances I would do during the Charlie Brown gang rehearsal scene and the times I used to call her from work when the show was on.

As a baby boomer …

Teaching Your Child to Walk Your Talk

On Friday, I went to visit my daughter in college. Actually, it wasn't a formal visit. Her step-dad and I went there to bring her computer home in advance of her returning home next week for Christmas break.

One of the things I immediately noticed was her snack ration was seriously depleted. Since the beginning of the school year (August), we have spent a few hundred dollars in keeping her supplied with lots of goodies for her late night munchies and those days when the cafeteria food "sucks" as she says.

When I inquired about where her supply was, she told me she had been sharing her food with others in her dorm. Of course, my first reaction was, "Why are you sharing YOUR stuff? These kids have parents! Don't they send them anything? What makes you think it's your responsibility to feed everyone else? Besides, they have a meal plan--just like you!"

My daughter, very calmly said, "Mom, I don't see what you're getting so bent out of sha…