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Parenting a College Student

The other day I came across an interesting article about parenting and college students. Since I am now the baby boomer mom of a college freshman, I took note of what it had to say.

The Professor from Emory University offered some tips on Parenting Your College Student.

He says “you won't be able to wait for them to come home – or leave.” Boy, was he right about that! She’s only been away from home for two weeks and she’s come home both weekends. Some people might be starting to question if she’s really in college.

• Don't change your child's room. The student's room is 'home base' – try not to change it very much during his or her first semester away. Freshmen in particular can go through some very difficult times, passing exams, establishing new friendships, surviving in a setting where they are not 'top dog,' and often fearing that admissions has made a mistake – that they do not really belong at college. Give them a 'safe haven.”

I guess that…