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Grandma Prepared to Take on the North Carolina School Board

Unless I do something within the next year, my grandson is going to have to spend another year in daycare--instead of heading off to kindergarten like he ought to be.

In 2007, a North Carolina state law was passed pushing the birthdate required to enter kindergarten up to August 31. It used to be October 16. My grandson's birthday in September 6.

I have been told I can get him tested at MY expense to see if he would qualify for an early entrance. My expense is the equivalent to several hundred dollars and he must have a passing rate in the 98 percentile. He must be able to read and do math.

So maybe that explain some issues involving some adults I know. They were let into kindergarten before their time.

The following is a list of states and cut-off dates for kindergarten. Your child, grandchild or some else's child you know may also be affected:

Alabama- September 1

Alaska- August 15

Arizona- September 1

Arkansas-September 15

British Columbia, Canada- December 31