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Have You Made Your Stop Doing List?

Not long after I wrote the previous post, (New Year Old Ways), a fellow blogger commented that she wasn't so much into making a New Year's Resolutions List. She, instead, needed to create a Stop Doing List. Laura believes we can benefit greatly "when we choose to cut things from our lives that no longer serve us."

Yes this makes total sense so here's my STOP DOING LIST for 2011:

1) STOP believing the hype people try to push on me when it comes to their business.

2) STOP associating with people who try to build themselves up by tearing me down.

3) STOP self-doubting my gifts and expertise.

4) STOP believing that everyone has my best interests at heart--because the truth is, some of them don't and will add gasoline to a fire at every opportunity.

5) STOP focusing from the outside-in. The Word says "Let your light shine before men" and that can only come from the inside-out.

6) STOP taking on more projects than I can reasonably handle at one time.

7) STOP …