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Baby Boomer Worshipper Wants Money for His Pain

Fifty-seven-year-old Matt Lincoln is suing the church where he worshipped for having a Holy Spirit experience.

Lincoln says he was so consumed by the spirit of God that he fell and hit his head. Now he wants Lakewind Church in Knoxville, Tennessee to pay $2.5 million for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. He decided to sue the church directly after the church's insurance company denied his claim for medical bills,.

The baby boomer worshipper says he's had two surgeries since the June 2007 incident but claims he still feels pain in his back and legs.

He said he was asking God to have "a real experience" while praying.

Lincoln said he has fallen from the force of the spirit before but has always been caught by someone.

Lawyers for the church said other congregation members allege they saw him on the floor laughing after his fall. They said he failed to look out for his own safety.

Working without Air Conditioning

What do you do when you are working in an environment with NO air conditioning?

I’m a work-at-home baby boomer mom. Last week, the air conditioner went on the blink. It just stopped working for no reason at all. At first it wasn’t so bad because the house was really nice and cold. It had to be because I’m a baby boomer mom in menopause and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Unfortunately, when the temperature continued to rise, the cool air started drifting away. Even my dear, sweet husband---who ALWAYS complains about how COLD it is in the house—was feeling the heat. I went outside to have a talk with the thing. I asked it did it not care that I was a woman in menopause and I could flip out at any moment and throw it down the embankment next to my home. I could also go on a rampage in my neighborhood forcing my unsuspecting neighbors to call 9-1-1 to have me committed.

But during these hot times, I must keep a cool head so here are some of my tips to share on how to keep w…