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Showing posts from May 29, 2016

A Year in the Life of Me

May 29, 2015 was the last time I made an entry into this blog before I posted one yesterday.  A whole year has gone by.  A lot has happened in that time frame.  I became a year older and found myself lamenting over the would've, should've, could've of my life.  Mind you, I've accomplished many wonderful achievements but in my mind, I COULD'VE always done more and I WOULD'VE if I had more operating capital and I SHOULD'VE had more hustle, more drive, more of what it takes to get to the Oprah level.  (Perhaps I am the only one who has felt like this).

During the past year I gave up my quest to become an entrepreneur---or a boomerpreneur as I affectionately "coined" it.  That led me to start looking for work again which I found, lost and found it again.  I will say this, once you've worked for yourself it's hard to go back and work for someone else---especially in an environment where you are just one of the faceless at the bottom of the tot…

Summer Driving May Be Hazardous to your Wallet

With our 10 year wedding anniversary coming up, Nate and I decided we wanted to take another trip to the North Carolina mountains.  It's one of those long drives I don't mind taking because you get to explore the natural beauty of the State.

What I do mind, however, is the state's mandated gasoline excise tax which ranks in the top 10 of the highest in the country.  Perhaps gas prices wouldn't be as high if it weren't for the excise tax, which combines both state and federal.

Here is a list of the top 10 states with the highest federal and state gasoline excise taxes:

1)  Pennsylvania at 68.7/gal
2)  Washington at 62.9/gal
3)  NY at 60.72/gal
4)  Hawaii at 60.39/gal
5)  California at 58.83/gal
6)  Connecticut at 56.26/gal
7)  Florida at 54.98
8)  North Carolina at 53.65/gal
9)  Rhode Island at 52.40
10  Nevada at 52.25

I have a couple of tips for saving on gas:

1)  If you're traveling long distances, use cruise control so you're not always having to accele…