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Showing posts from October 19, 2008

House Rules are House Rules

Last Friday my college daughter came home for her Fall Break. During her four-day stay, she stepped back into the role of mommy again to her two-year-old son Jarod--giving me a much needed break. She also went to work at her Burger King job. Burger King keeps her as an active employee and welcomes her back anytime she comes home for an extended period.


But also during the course of her stay, my daughter got the idea that the same rules that applied when she was living under my roof were now null and void. For her, that meant didn't have to adhere to a curfew. After all, she's a college student--living away from home and can stay out as long as she wants. As she told me, "I can stay out all night if I want."

Funny, I told my mother that same thing when I was in college--and guess what? I told my daughter the SAME thing my mother told me: "As long as you are technically still under my roof, you're going to have to live by the house …