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Baby Boomer Women Rock the Casbah!

The Amazon Best Selling Author day Promotion has come and gone. No, I don't get to run around bragging about being a "best selling author." I didn't crack the Top 100.

My book went from 1,622,326 to #498. Not a bad showing.

But what IS impressive is the help I got from Baby Boomer women all across the country. And get this, most of them I don't even know! That's right. These are women I've met on line. We chat daily about all kinds of stuff. We've talked about how we came up with names for our kids. We admired the gorgeous new look of a fellow member--complete with "these boots were made for walking" attire. We share heartaches and prayers for sick loved ones and celebrate the births of our grandchildren. I even had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a woman who spent a couple of years living amongst two packs of wolves in the wilderness.

It's called Internet Marketing and if you do it right, you not only cash in on sales b…

A Review from a Fellow Author

Thank you Bev, for the delicious candid account of words so many of us women have been accused of thinking. I just couldn't put the book down; it was completed in one day, wow! This book is awesome you must read it! Your story brings out your compassion, and wittiness, and serious side as you glide us through the expectation of entering the baby boom era, thank you.

Bev expresses her dilemmas with younger co-workers that we all can relate too, the pretty faces with little to no substance for most of them. As a pre-menopausal boomer myself, I was in awe, but now I understand my mood swings, and crazy fire department heat flames is only a beginning of possible other symptoms to come, and am elated, I no longer need to visit a shrink, I am sane. I am in the beginning phase of menopause, and “yes I am still sexy but it comes in flashes now,” as Bev has expressed. They (symptoms) do not divert me, but I welcome them, because now I have an understanding of them…whatever, and as the y…

Lordy, Lordy, are there any good men still left over 40?

It’s safe to say that if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve definitely taken a different approach in my pursuit of finding Mr. Right. What about you? How much have your thoughts and feelings changed over the years about love and marriage? I made a checklist of things I was on the lookout for prior to hitting the middle-age dating scene again, so I could resolve any issues that could have an impact on my happily-ever-after the second time around.

Compare my list to yours.

Has he ever been married or divorced?

That’s important to know—especially if you’ve been divorced like me. It’s been my experience that older people, who’ve been single for a while, tend to develop a mindset and get used to doing things their own way because they don’t have to answer to anyone. The dating part of the relationship can be a lot of fun, but when you decide to make that trip down the aisle and move into each other’s space, your living together could end up being cramped and uncomfortable. Some p…