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A Baby Boomer's Witness to History Part II

While standing in a LONG LINE to get on the Metro (train) following the Inauguration, a man behind me said, “I can’t believe I drove all the way from Michigan to see the Inauguration on a TV screen.” He then smiled and added, “But it was worth every minute of it. I’m glad I was here!”

I echo those sentiments as a 51-year-old baby boomer who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with millions of others on the National Mall to witness history in the making. The swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States was nothing short of spectacular.

It didn’t matter that it was freezing cold or that I had to walk several miles to get to a spot where all I could see was a Jumbotron. Being crammed into a small space with strangers didn’t seem to stress anyone out. Instead it gave us an opportunity to mingle, to laugh and to make some new friends.

I’m still in awe of how one man could inspire so many people from around the world to come to Washington, DC to celebrate the day.

There …

A Baby Boomer's Witness to History Part I

Over the next couple of days I will be blogging about my experience in Washington, DC as I witnessed history in the making with the swearing in of President Barack Hussein Obama. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor to this blog and even share your own thoughts to the various posts or just offer a comment on your reaction to it all.

My daughter and I arrived in Garrisonville, VA on early Monday afternoon. My husband had made arrangements for us to stay with some of his friends. There was a house full of people upon our arrival. Some of the host’s family members decided to make the road trip from Atlanta, Louisiana and Texas.

It was obvious everyone wanted to be a part of this historic occasion.

After unloading the car, we got right back on the road and headed to DC for a day of sight-seeing. Initially, we thought we could park the car at the Metro Station in Springfield, VA and travel into the city but everybody else was obviously thinking the SAME thing. So my husband, being the s…

What Obama's Inauguration Means to Me

My daughter and I will be among the millions who will endure the cold and the crowds to be a part of history on Tuesday, January 20. I am going, in part, to cover the event for my local radio station as their Chief Correspondent.

Even if I don’t get anywhere near the swearing-in ceremony or get a glimpse of our soon-to-be President, I still want to be there. I NEED to be there.

I will be perfectly honest. I never thought I’d live to see what is about to take place. Why? Because I am a baby boomer. I grew up during a period of segregation. Although I wasn’t raised in the segregated, lynching South, I was still subject to the “subtle discrimination” that existed in the rest of the country. It was still a “separate and unequal society.” Racism has been alive and well ever since I can remember.

Obama’s inauguration certainly won’t change race relations overnight but maybe it will start a much needed honest dialogue between the races. At the very least, he gives my grandson hope…