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Showing posts from October 11, 2015

Some Grandparents Need to get a Grip

Absolutely ridiculous!  That's how I describe a recent article I read about some grandparents wanting to pay cash money for the naming rights to their grandchildren. 

Last week, the New York Times reported about a new trend of grandparents offering cash and other incentives in exchange for naming their children's new babies, including one grandparent-to-be offering $10,000 for the naming rights to their grandson. This wasn't an isolated incident, with others offering things like a stake in a family business.

I thought the idea was so absurd but maybe I was in the "minority" as I often tend to be.  I decided to pose the question to my Facebook followers to gauge their radar on the subject and, lo and behold, we were all on one accord!

The best comments came from fellow grandparents like Auerlia who said, "That's just craziness if you ask me. I have 4 grands and never would never do such a thing even if I had all the money in the world. Grandparents obviously…