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Who needs Oprah? I do! I do!

On November 16, I will attempt to make history by becoming the first UNKNOWN, African-American female, over 40, to hit #1 on the Amazon Best Selling Author's list.

I thought I could do it an easier way by calling on Oprah to help me. You know, sister- to-sister; baby boomer-to-baby boomer, journalist-to-journalist, the Maya Angelou connection....but I guess when you get thousands of books each week, mine would be easy to overlook. I do know one thing: Once she actually READS the book, she will ENJOY it! She will be no different than the others who have already purchased a copy.

So since I can't get Oprah (at least not yet anyway), I'm looking to YOU for support. Let's show the book industry that if you write a good book, no matter who you are, you can take it to the top. I'm so confident in my book's appeal that I am willing to refund anyone's money who will honestly and truthfully say there was absolutely NOTHING they enjoyed about the book. here'…

A review of: WHATEVER! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age

"Although this book was written primarily for women and deals with the physical, emotional and social challenges of a middle age single mother, it also qualifies as recommended reading for men as well. It can provide men an open window into the mind, heart and sould of their own spouse or companion who may also be experiencing the same life changing challenges. The man's understanding of what the woman is going through allows for better communication and support.

Also, whether you are a man or woman, if you can relate to the life experiences shared by the author, this should cause yu to re-evaluate your priorities and reflect on some of your choices made in life.

Horace L. Bridges, Jr., Deacon
Orange Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Durham, NC

#1 Best Seller: Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age

On November 16, I will be launching a campaign to take my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age to the#1 spot on

Of course in order to do this, I'm going to need your help. Why YOUR help, you ask? Well, for one reason....The book is GOOD! Reason # 2: The book is FUNNY! Reason #3: The book is INFORMATIVE Reason #5: LET'S PROVE TO THE LITERARY WORLD THAT UNKNOWN, SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS CAN BE SUCCESSFUL.

My book talks about the "journey" and the "celebration" into another phase of a woman's life. It comes complete with hot flashes, weight gain, middle age dating, sex over 40 and so on and so forth.

So over the next 16 days, I will provide snippets from the book and answer ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS you may have about menopause, middle age dating, sex over 40, how to handle PMS in the house when you're having a hot flash and I promise I will keep it real :)

OK...Here's reason #1 why you should purchase a copy of Wh…

A Conversation with Nikki Giovanni

I invite you to tune into my program, Whatever! to listen to a phenomenal interview with a phenomenal woman---renowned poet and author, Ms. Nikki Giovanni.

She talks her bout with cancer and her long journey back to recovery. She also brings us up to date on what she's doing these days.

I also have a special Whatever! Contest running. The first two correct entries will win a very special (and valuable) gift.

One more thing...Ms. Giovanni is offering a special once-in-a-lifetime gift during my November 16 book promotion! This is a gift that no one else will ever receive. And it really is from her---as good as gold as far as I'm concerned.

You can listen to the program by going to:

Great things are happening so c’mon and celebrate this Whatever! journey with me!!!!!

Peace & Blessings,
Beverly Mahone
Author, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age