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Online Dating has its Pitfalls

Beverly Mahone, author of the book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age, says not everyone is giving a thumbs up to internet dating. In her latest podcast, Ms. Mahone interviews an Ohio woman who says all of her on-line experiences have been negative. “While there have been many success stories involving sites like, and”, says Ms. Mahone, “on-line dating doesn’t end happily-ever-after for everybody.”

This week’s 56-year-old guest tells Ms. Mahone the majority of men she met on-line were only interested in one thing---sex. She also says she met a number of men who were already married but looking for a chic on the side.

While researching the topic for her show, the baby boomer author and expert discovered over seven million people have used an on-line dating service and the numbers are rising rapidly among middle-aged adults.

Ms. Mahone says although she personally had good fortune with internet dating because that…