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Showing posts from September 19, 2010

Winning Approval

This post was inspired by something my grandson said at soccer practice today. After scoring the only goal for his team (who lost 5-1), he asked his mother (my daughter) if he had done good. Of course, she said yes. Then he asked me, "Grandma, did I do good today?" Of course, I said yes, too.

Why he felt the need to ask both of us got me to thinking about his need and desire for affirmation. Even though his team came out on the losing end, he wanted positive reinforcement that he had done good job.

Isn't it interesting how the words spoken to us early in life can influence us for REST of our lives? We could've said, "Yes, you did a great job--but your team still lost." That's saying you were good--just not good enough to win.

So often in life we, as adults, also need affirmation. We have a desire to win approval for the things we've accomplished---not matter how small they might seem.

Sometimes people need to hear a kind word spoken about them, despite …