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Showing posts from June 29, 2008

A Black Baby Boomer with No Rhythm

Despite popular belief, not every black person has rhythm. Today I discovered that despite the fact that I USED to be a "shake your booty" cheerleader and dancer, I have lost some of my stride now that I'm older.

I went to my first Step Class at the gym where I work out. I set up my step in the back of the room so I wouldn't be noticed just in case I couldn't handle the routine. But when you have big mirrors plastered everywhere, there's no getting around not being noticed. So there I was trying to keep step to the music without looking like a complete idiot!

Now, this story wouldn't be so bad if all of the other class members were young twenty and thirty-something babes, but everyone in the group was a baby boomer. Even the men were on beat with the step!

I couldn't get mad---but I will get even. I'll be taking that class until I get that pep back in my step and make my race proud! :) Beverly Mahone---also known as the Baby Boomer Diva---ne…