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Parents, Help Me Raise My Grandchild

This is an urgent plea to parents everywhere. I really need your help in raising my grandson.

I have been spending the last year of Jarod’s two-year-old life teaching him manners and respect. He knows to say “Thank you” when you give him something or do something nice for him. He is learning how to say “Yes ma’am/No sir” as a show of respect for his elders. He gives generous hugs to family members and his daycare friends and will even try to console you if he senses you are sad. He can even say “excuse me” if he bumps you accidentally or walks in front of you.

But the problem is he is being raised in a world where children seem to have NO CONCEPT of what morals, values, respect and manners mean. What’s even worse is adults seem to be clueless as well. Case in point: Yesterday, we went to the Post Office. Jarod was trying to hold the heavy door open for a lady who was coming out. Instead of acknowledging his effort, the woman seemed annoyed and forcibly pushed the door open and hurried past us. I said “thank you” to my grandson because I wanted him to know his efforts were appreciated.

I have seen children totally out of control and disrespectful in front of their parents and I am always baffled that the child isn’t jacked up and given a beat down. I’m not talking about teenagers either. I’m talking about those three-to-eight-year-olds who, obviously, were never taught proper behavior.

Parents, the world is counting on you to bring up the next generation of responsible and respectable adults. But how will your children learn how to act and survive if you haven’t given them the tools necessary? How can they differentiate between good and bad behavior if all they ever see if a loud, foul-mouthed parent who is always right, never listens and dares anyone to chastise their child for wrong behavior?

Do your part. Raise your child so my job will be a little easier.


Teri Dempski said…
I certainly hope this post is read by those who need to see it! As an elementary teacher, I saw irresponsible parenting on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with how much parents love their children, it has to do with effective parenting skills, which seems to be sorely lacking these days.

Good for you, Beverly for writing about this topic, and better than that, doing the right thing for Jarod.
Pam Archer said…
Raising children is a difficult taks, with responsibility squarely on our shoulders. The problem is that we have an entire generation, or two, who have been raised by the standards seen on TV, video games, and movies. Young parents haven't been taught how to be parents, because their parents didn't know how to be parents.

You are right on every point, and Jarod is very fortunate to have the direction of his grandmother and Nate. You must train him to be a leader.
Joyce Mason said…
I admire you as a grandparent and the friends I know who put a lot of effort into rearing their kids in a way that will make them successful in life--and a joy for anyone to be around.
Eileen Williams said…
Thank you, Beverly, for this reminder of the essentials of rearing today's children. Thoughtfulness and being polite can never be underrated and it's a sad commentary when such basic aspects of human interaction are ignored and overlooked. I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job with your grandson and I hope that others take heed of your great advice!
Betty Lynch said…
Let me thank YOU for teaching your grandson manners. It is so sad in today's world that we have children and adults who do not have manners.
Beverly, you are to be commended for being such a wonderful Grandmother, and I agree whole-heartedly. Young ones are bombarded on all sides with so much more than we had to face when we were young.

The picture of your little grandson holding the door for the woman and her response really touched me, so good of you to thank him. I guess these are also times when our children can learn unconditional love and respect, doing good even if the response isn't all it could be, as painful as it is to watch that when it comes to our babies.

Hugs, Claudia
Beverly said…
You know, I get the feeling the parents who should be reading this post won't ever see it. :(
PopArtDiva said…
AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! But you're right, you may be preaching to the choir!
Pat Montgomery said…
Bev, you know I agree with you. Parents want their kids to "be happy' and think the definition of that is to let them act any way they want and have anything they want.
It is screwed up. We have to start speaking up more like you have done here and let these parents know where they are missing the boat.
Cathy Warren said…
Beverly, I see it too. Young children so disrepectful to adults, not just their parents. They have no fear today. They call other adults by their first names. What happened to MR. or Mrs. Instead they talk as though they are friends with their parent's friends. Parents need to set the proper example. Trouble is, maybe the parent wasn't raised properly, which leaves it up to teachers and society to try to teach manners and proper behavior. These kids will be in for a rude awakening in the real world.
Anonymous said…
I TOTALLY agree. I see MOTHERS everyday at the school that ARE NOT doing their jobs properly. They look and act like SLOBS and can't even walk to the Freaking school which is no more that a 10 minute walk, then dump then off out front from their mini vans and drive off. These are Elementary school children, NOT high school kids and it Shocks me. Its NOT the children that are the problems its these LAZY parents that are the problem. Yes, you parents need to get off of your lazy FANNIES and do something productive for a change. My mother used to raise us kids, cook, help with us with homework and walk to and from school with us. If you can't do this job correctly then DON'T have any children, Seriously.
Beverly said…
I just witnessed the behavior you decribe TODAY at my grandson's daycare. The mother unbuckled her 4-yr-old out of his seat and then just stood there as he walked up to the daycare by himself. Then she just got in her car and left. I was APPALLED! And she's supposed to be a Professor at a local University. WHATEVER!

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