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Showing posts from January 6, 2008

Preserve your Memories with Drugs, Baby Boomers

I was driving home after dropping my daughter off at school and heard an ad on the radio for something called "MemoProve." During the commercial the announcer guaranteed that folks who fear they're losing their memory could benefit greatly from taking these pills. They're also apparently giving away FREE samples and an 800 number was repeated three times. This baby boomer certainly wasn't going to rely on her brain cells to remember it. So where is a pen when I need it?

When I got home I went online to see if I could find additional details about this "MemoProve." According to a statement on their website, “MemoProve is the first and only once-a-day tablet clinically shown to boost Memory, Alertness and Concentration with a patented blend of Neuropeptides. You'll see and feel the difference in 30 days or your money back.”

We baby boomers did come of age during the Drugs, Sex & Rock-n-Roll Era so why not pop a few more pills for old time sake…