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Showing posts from December 3, 2006

A Baby Boomer Dieter's Prayer

When all else fails in your diet, there's always PRAYER:

Lord, grant me the strength that I may not fall
into the clutches of cholesterol.

At polyunsaturates I'll never mutter,
for the road to hell is paved with butter.

Cake is cursed and cream is awful
Satan is hiding in every waffle.

Satan's army is full of chocolate drops
and Lucifer, himself, is a lollipop.

Teach me the evils of hollandaise,
of pasta and gobs of mayonnaise,

and crispy fried chicken from the South
Lord, if you love me, please, zip my mouth!

Lord, Your Word says "ask and it shall be given unto you" so I'm asking you to melt away about 20 pounds. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Beverly Mahone is an author and motivational speaker. Her book, "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age"is available on

"Oh, my aching skin!"

I cringe every winter because I know that's the time of year when I tend to show the "true signs" of aging. My dry and cracked skin is an eye sore. But then, I find myself looking liked a "greased pig" because of the heavy ointment I feel I have to put on.

Aging brings about so many changes to our bodies. Not only do we have to deal with tucking in because we're filling out, we also have to take extra precautions when it comes to skin care. Winter can make dry skin especially irritating. The December issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter offers tips to relieve winter itch.

Here are some tips to keep you from "drying out":

Soak in the tub: Keep the water lukewarm. The temperature shouldn’t be above 90 F. Adding bath oil to the water may help retain and replenish the oil in your skin.

Use soap sparingly: If possible, limit soap use to your face, armpits, genitals, hands and feet. Avoid antibacterial and deodorant soaps. Mild cleaners such as Cetaph…