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Showing posts from February 17, 2008

I'm a Baby Boomer Mom Working for the Kingdom

It's one thing to toot your own horn, but it's humbling and wonderful when someone else chooses to put you in the spotlight.

When I was younger I loved having my time to shine! That's the "ego" that stems from being a TV journalist. You love for people to recognize and say good things about you. But as we age and the spotlight fades, we must live and work on our own merits and not the "image" we created in our minds.

I am fascinated with how online connections are made---especially since it wasn't that long ago that I was a clueless baby boomer computer illiterate. But I am thankful that God knows how to connect the dot.coms as He did when he connected me with a wonderful woman named Sherri Walker and her organization, Moms Working for the Kingdom.

She selected me for an interview and here it is: MomsWorkingforthekingdom