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Showing posts from April 29, 2007

Is it Gym Sweat or a Hot Flash?

I just returned from another invigorating 40 minutes of aerobics at the gym. This is the only place where I can sweat like a pig and not freak out about it being a hot flash.

I must admit, working out these days is quite a challenge, especially when a hot flash seems to be the order of the day. It's also tougher since I seem to see little or no results for my efforts. My doctor says the weight gain is all a part of growing older and that I should keep exercising for health maintenance. WHATEVER! I want more than maintenance. I want to see some pounds drop off EVERY TIME I go into the gym. When I've finished my workout, I want to pick up my towel and water bottle and leave about five pounds of fat on the gym floor. Well actually I would have the decency to pick it up and throw it away because just leaving it there would be gross!

I'm really not complaining because I really do thank God that I'm able to get up and go workout because I know there are others who can…

Where are all of the Baby Boomer Men?

Since I’ve been networking on line, this baby boomer diva has searched long and hard (excuse the pun) to find where the baby boomer men hang out. Not that I’m looking because I have a man---thank you very much---and he’s a fine baby boomer man!

I’m just curious if baby boomer men network on line like women do. Is there a site exclusively for them? I see scatterings of men here and there who kind of blend in with the rest of the crowd but I can’t say that I’ve seen them in clusters.

Why aren’t they getting together and talking about their so-called male menopause? Why aren’t they exchanging information and advice on the best sports cars to buy; the best exercises to keep them vigorous in the bedroom; or gathering business tips? Could it be that baby boomer men are several steps behind us baby boomer women when it networking on the almighty internet? God forbid!

The internet is probably the best place for baby boomer men to find out what’s going on with their wives and menopause.…