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Baby Boomer Divas Know How to "Work it Out!"

OK...I'm on a mission...I just came from my aerobics class at the gym and by the end of the class I was definitely sweatin' like a pig to the oldies.

I had a great exercise week. I only missed one day. You see in order to maintain "Diva Status" you have to work it out. You have to challenge your body and break a sweat. A leisurely walk in your neighborhood is fine if all you're seeking is nature but if you really want to burn some calories, you've got to step up the pace and work that body.

At least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three or more times a week is what I recommend. Even if you can't afford a gym membership, you can pump up that heart rate by doing a combination walk/run in your neighborhood or a designated location where runners go. If you think it's too cold outside, put on your favorite dance CD and work out a routine. If you were a cheerleader like me, you're sure to have a few kick routines you can throw in. Jump roping is al…

Baby Boomer Divas Understand Priorities

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a man who, although I didn’t know his age, was a baby boomer. He started the conversation by asking me how old my son was. Of course, I laughed and corrected him on the fact that the infant I was with was my grandson. You know what came next, don’t you? He told me I looked way too young to be a grandmother so he just assumed the baby was mine. I thought to myself, “You’re right Mister, Baby Boomer Divas know how to keep it together so for all you know I could be a great-grandmother!”

Anyway, we got to talking about the older women he knew who had babies by men who were 15 to 20 years younger than them and he thought that was a shame. Personally, I think DISGRACE is a much stronger word and a total misuse of sperm. As we continued to talk, he expressed his frustration over not being able to find a woman in his own age group and he also wanted to let me know that he had tried dating younger women in the past but it never worked ou…

Baby Boomer Divas Do It with Praise!

Dear Diary,

Psalm 92…that’s the scripture to jump start my day.

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;
To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning,
And Your faithfulness every night…”

You can’t be a Baby Boomer Diva and not have praise in your heart for all of the blessings received from God. It's like Oprah said on one of her recent shows: "I've been living 'The Secret' but I didn't know that's what they called it." I am truly thankful---even for the trials and tribulations because it is during those times that my faith is really tested and my strength is renewed.

I hear the birds singing outside of my window and, oh, how sweet that sound is! It’s as if God sends them to my window every morning to serenade me even before I get out of bed. My husband doesn’t even do that! It is also a reminder of the fact that I can hear---a blessing I tend to take for granted because I expect to wake up every morning and…

A day in the Life of a Baby Boomer Diva (from the diary of the Baby Boomer Diva)

Dear Diary,

It's great to wake up with the sunshine beaming through my window! But even if there were no sunshine on the outside, there is plenty of radiance going on inside of me!!!

This time last year, I was miserable in a job that worked me like a slave. Everyone around me thought it was a glamour job because I was in TV-----whatever! Honey, when I write the book on the real, untold story of television news, you won't think it's so glamorous anymore. As a matter of fact, you might end of boycotting news all together for awhile.

But this year, I'm doing exactly what I love and I praise God for having the freedom to do it. After the successful launch of my book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey into Middle Age, I figured that since I have all of this knowledge and experience as a journalist, I might as well put it to good use with my own business. So here I am with my own company called Soul Solutions and I am what you would call a media coach/consultant. I t…

The Baby Boomer Diva Blog

In honor of my 50th birthday which is coming up in June, I have decided to form a special club. It's the Baby Boomer Diva Club and you are welcome to join if you are going to be 50 years old in 2007 like me.

Now, in order to be a member of this club you must meet certain standards. You must be DETERMINED, INTELLIGENT, VIVACIOUS and have plenty of ATTITUDE! This is definitely not a club for you if you're whining about growing older or sick to death about hot flashes. It's also not for you if you are a constant complainer. You know, you complain because you've picked up a few extra pounds or just for the mere fact that the sun is shining. No---no--no---this club is not for you.

What I'm looking for are women who are looking at their lives through rose colored glasses and grabbing the bulls by the horn and taking no prisoners. I want to associate with women who are proud to be where they are in life---despite the bumps in the road. Honey, we all have bumps in th…