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Showing posts from June 7, 2009

Bank of America, Are You Serious?

Today I received my bank statement from Bank of America. Why I'm still a customer is a direct result of my laziness to go to the bank and close out my account.

The statement I received today has become new motivation to get off my behind and make my own statement to Bank of America.

Here's what I received:


Recently we informed you that we were raising our Overdraft Item and NSF: Returned Item Fee to $39. After careful consideration of the many factors currently impacting the economy, our business and our customers, we have made a decision to change our overdraft Item Fee and NSF: Retuned Item Fee to $35 per item. Visit Bank of

Now here's what gets me about this: The fee used to be $12. They raised it to $39 and now have decided to give us a break by shaving off $4.00. Why not just keep it at $12? Didn't that bailout money help them at all?

Burn Baby Burn Takes on a New Meaning

When I hear burn baby burn , I'm thinking of a disco inferno, but, for some folks, this phrase has them thinking about death.

According to The Cremation Association of North America, more and more baby boomers are considering cremation as their last rites over a ground burial. Although many Baptists view cremation as an unacceptable destruction of the body, some 37 percent of Americans say they would like to be cremated after they die.

Research also shows that people who would prefer cremation tend to be well-educated, earn higher-than-average incomes, and reside in Western boomtowns and Sunbelt retirement communities far from their birthplace. Psychographic surveys show that they share a socially progressive agenda, supporting issues like doctor-assisted suicide and the legalization of marijuana. Most choose cremation for the convenience, the lower cost, or to help preserve land.

Some Funeral Home Directors say they are finding that many people now live away from their family and …