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Barack and Michelle Bumpin' Fists--So What!

Once again, the media is grasping at straws to come up with a story on Barack Obama. Why is the bumping of fists between the democratic presidential nominee and his baby boomer diva wife a BIG DEAL?

It says two things: Some journalists don’t seem to have a clue as to what real news is anymore. It also points out the lack of experience many reporters have when it comes to reporting. Instead of focusing on the admiration Michelle Obama was showing for her husband, they chose to focus on bumpin’ fists between the two as something mysterious and a possible code for something else. WHATEVER! Get a clue---take a racial interpretive language class. And while you’re at it, attend a black church on occasion to get a sense of what really goes on there.

#2: Newsrooms in America lack some serious diversity---especially when it comes to management. I know this from first hand experience because I never worked in a newsroom that had an African-American News Director.

If Michelle clicks he…

The Legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton

When the Democratic Presidential Primary campaign began more than a year ago, I was excited over the idea that America had a chance to make history. In spite of the number of candidates in the race, I was certain Hillary Clinton would be in the running. In spite of the rumors that circulated about her as First Lady, I was still rooting for her as a fellow baby boomer woman. I have shown her no ill will.


With the help of the media, Senator Clinton has turned into a ruthless, vindictive, politician. Riding on her husband’s coat tails, she attempted to pimp the Black vote. When that didn’t work, she turned her backs on them and went for the whites with no education. (That’s how she referred to the reason why she won in West Virginia and Kentucky)

She has been a chameleon throughout this campaign---changing her campaign strategy to whatever will win her votes. And what is alarming even more so is the way some fellow baby boomer women are behaving about this campaign. I have r…