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The Legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton

When the Democratic Presidential Primary campaign began more than a year ago, I was excited over the idea that America had a chance to make history. In spite of the number of candidates in the race, I was certain Hillary Clinton would be in the running. In spite of the rumors that circulated about her as First Lady, I was still rooting for her as a fellow baby boomer woman. I have shown her no ill will.


With the help of the media, Senator Clinton has turned into a ruthless, vindictive, politician. Riding on her husband’s coat tails, she attempted to pimp the Black vote. When that didn’t work, she turned her backs on them and went for the whites with no education. (That’s how she referred to the reason why she won in West Virginia and Kentucky)

She has been a chameleon throughout this campaign---changing her campaign strategy to whatever will win her votes. And what is alarming even more so is the way some fellow baby boomer women are behaving about this campaign. I have read nasty posts from women who threaten to vote for the Republican or not vote at all if Hillary doesn’t win the nomination.

Yes, I do believe she has been unfairly depicted on occasion. There have been some awful things said about her by the male press but when she turns around and gives them more ammunition to work with, what is one to think? To bring up the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy as a reason to stay in the race is ludicrous and suspicious.

So what will be the legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton after this campaign is over. I’m sure her supporters will say she was a fighter right down until the very end. That may be true but that fighting spirit has done more in the past several months to destroy the image of women and the Democratic Party than the Republicans could ever do. I’m sure Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson and the good old boys are thanking her for her tenacity.

But the bigger picture here is: What does this really say about the baby boomer generation? You don’t see young people (under 35) running around acting as hate mongers over a presidential primary. Yes, baby boomers are the generation who took a stand on many causes like civil and women’s rights, and the war in Vietnam----but what are we now?

Take a look in the mirror and you might see YOUR PARENTS.


carol stanley said…
Well..lets not judge everyone by one person...She has her journey in life, and should be left to live it...Approve, disapprove it does not matter. She knows what she wants and so has been going after it...No judgment..just reality...Carol Stanley {For Kids 59.99 and Over)
Beverly Mahone said…

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments. I agree we shouldn't judge everyone by the actions of one or a few but sadly, that's the kind of world we live in.

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