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Baby Boomer Divas Reach Out and Touch

You know, there's something special when grown-ups can connect with young people in a positive way. That's what Bern Nadette Stanis did today when she spoke to the drama class at Hillside High School in Durham, NC. I arranged to have her speak there because of my admiration and respect for their drama teacher Wendell Tabb.

Even before we could get inside the school a student spotted her from a distance and started yelling "Thelma! Thelma!" How she could see that far away is beyond me. Before I knew it we we swarmed by excited teenagers. These are teens who weren't even born when Good Times was on the air! Still, they were starry-eyed and anxious to get up close and personal with someone they've seen on the TV Land re-runs.

The crowd became so large at one point, sheriff's deputies had to be called in because they thought there was a big gang fight going on! Once they realized it was Thelma they, too, became star struck and starting pulling out camera phones to get a picture.

For more than an hour, the students sat attentively as Bern Nadette told them about her journey in the world of acting. She even did an improvisation with some of the students.

Watching Bern Nadette in action today makes me honored to have her as a member of Boomer Diva Nation. Our motto is: Women on the Move and Making a Difference---and that she certainly did!


9am: Phone rings. I'm dead asleep. It's Bern Nadette's Publicist, Sheila. She asks me if I'm coming to pick her up from the airport (she missed her flight yesterday). I'm not sure what I mumbled, however, she decided it would be best if she took the shuttle and allowed me to get some more sleep. Bless her heart!

10:00am: Get dressed to go to the airport to pick up Dr. Stan Fine (author of Business Boot Camp for Women) and his wife, Bethany. I had trouble finding him but there was no way he could miss me with my Diva green jacket on. We went to lunch at Quiznos.

12:15pm: Picked up Bern Nadette to go to Hillside H.S.

3pm: We had lunch at Blue Coffee Cafe---yes, I had two lunches :)

4:30pm: Picked up Debbie Zipp from the airport

Friday: 6:32pm EST

I'm finally home after spending ALL DAY on the road here and there and everywhere. After dropping Thelma--I mean Bern Nadette--off at the hotel last night, I went home and continued making final preparations for Saturday's Business Boot Camp for Women's Event. I didn't get to bed until about 3am.



Teri Dempski said…
Wish I could be there! All the fun and success of the Business Bootcamp will be worth your extreme efforts. Blessings and much success!
Eileen Williams said…
Wow, Beverly, what a day! Your life is full to say the least, but more than exciting and literally filled with stars!
I'm sure that Saturday's event will be extraordinary. Wish I could be there and I'm sending everyone my best.
Whew, that certainly was an eventful day. Hope you get some sleep-in tomorrow. But don't forget to turn your phones and clocks off;)
You are an absolutely phenomenal woman. I am so blessed to have met you! Think of the hundreds of people you are touching each day! Blessing and prayers for you today.
Joyce Mason said…
Wish I could get a transfusion from your energy, Beverly! Loved the Bern Nadette/Thelma story, especially since Good Times was a favorite show of mine in years gone by. I hadn't thought of it in years. Thanks for all you do in the world and its far-reaching influence!
Melodieann said…
I wish I could have seen all those teenagers so excited to meet Bern Nadette. What a wonderful thing for the two of you to do. I'll bet those students will never forget this experience - or you and Bern Nadette for making it happen. You're an amazing woman!
Melodieann said…
I wish I could have seen all those teenagers so excited to meet Bern Nadette. What a wonderful thing for the two of you to do. I'll bet those students will never forget this experience - or you and Bern Nadette for making it happen. You're an amazing woman!

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