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Working without Air Conditioning

What do you do when you are working in an environment with NO air conditioning?

I’m a work-at-home baby boomer mom. Last week, the air conditioner went on the blink. It just stopped working for no reason at all. At first it wasn’t so bad because the house was really nice and cold. It had to be because I’m a baby boomer mom in menopause and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Unfortunately, when the temperature continued to rise, the cool air started drifting away. Even my dear, sweet husband---who ALWAYS complains about how COLD it is in the house—was feeling the heat. I went outside to have a talk with the thing. I asked it did it not care that I was a woman in menopause and I could flip out at any moment and throw it down the embankment next to my home. I could also go on a rampage in my neighborhood forcing my unsuspecting neighbors to call 9-1-1 to have me committed.

But during these hot times, I must keep a cool head so here are some of my tips to share on how to keep working without air conditioning:

1) Reduce heat gain by closing your drapes and window blinds during the daylight hours.

2) Use portable fans or ceiling fans and the "Fan Only" setting on your heating system's thermostat to keep the air moving. By doing so, you will feel comfortable in a room that is 2 or 3 degrees warmer than a still room. If your home has a whole-house fan, turn it on to extract warm air.

3) Use heat and electricity sparingly in your home during the day.
Cook outside if possible. Dry clothes outside on the line, and run a fan or vent while showering. Keep lights turned off in rooms you aren't using.

4) Once the sun goes down, open all windows to let in the cool air. Certain rooms will be cooler due to airflow and insulation, and these are the best rooms to sleep in.

5) Don’t drink alcohol or eat spicy foods. Both are bound to make you feel hotter than you already are.

6) Take a long, cool bath or shower
. Also, use cool washcloths and put on skin moisturizers to keep your body feeling rejuvenated.

7) Stay Hydrated. Keep your body well hydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink water and other fluids to keep your body well hydrated to replace fluids as your body perspires. Try drinking beverages with electrolytes and avoid those with tons of sugar.

8) Work in the nude. This tip might be a little extreme for some but if you’re home alone all day, why not?

Living without air conditioning has shown me how spoiled we can be. Air conditioning is a luxury---not a necessity. Maybe it’s just better to grin and bear it.


Polly said…
Maybe you should have changed the last line to "grin and bare it." :-)

Polly Scott

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