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Teaching Grandchildren Discipline

Discipline comes in many forms. Some parents believe in time out (which I don't personally think works). Others think taking a way a privilege gets the job done, while some maintain the traditional form of punishment: a good old-fashioned butt-whooping.

Even thought I'm an old school, old-fashioned grandma, I have discovered children don't need to be disciplined if they are taught self-discipline and they can be taught self-discipline through martial arts. There is no beating children into submission or rough-housing. Instead, it teaches children the skill of protecting themselves, along with self-control, humility and respect.

Self-discipline is what ALL children need as they grow and mature. It helps them take responsibility for the things they do. They begin to become aware of their responsibilities not because they are being reminded of them but because doing them is the right thing to do. They will understand for example, that household chores, homework, or even eating vegetables, should be done even if they are not pleasurable.

What do you think? Do you think kids don't need to be disciplined if they are taught self-discipline? How are you teaching your children and grandchildren discipline?


Janett Brown said…
I think the best way to teach your kids sel-discipline is to be yourself self-disciplined. The children learn mostly by imitating their parents and the people they love so much.
Ann Hearn said…
Great article and I agree. Respect and self discipline. I will most certainly keep this in my mind since I will be becoming a grandmother again in March 2012
Beverly said…
That is so true. Children do immulate their parents and other adults they are around alot. If we are not self-disciplined, we certainly can't expect our children to be.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Beverly said…

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again. How many does this make? I certainly hope I don't become one again anytime soon. The first time was filled with plenty of drama. I guess the second time around might be easier on my heart :)

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