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Why Black Women Don't Exercise

It’s a HAIR thing!

That’s right. Our hair keeps us from working out at a pace and level we should be in order to shed those unwanted pounds.

Let me break it down for you. Yesterday, I spent close to a $100 (including tip) getting my hair to look like a Baby Boomer Diva hairstyle should look. Now, if I turn around and exercise in the next 24 hours like I know I should, I will have wasted my money. The body perspiration will sweat the curls right out of my head and I will end up having to spend even more money to restore my hair back to its Beauty Salon Look. I need to keep my hairdo for at least a week. In the meantime, I’ll just cut back on my food intake---which means I’ll eat like a bird---until I decide it's OK to hit the gym once again. Blame it on menopause or whatever! but my body has just got to understand that sacrifices must be made for MY HAIR.

The number one reason African-American women DON’T EXERCISE on a consistent basis is because we don’t want to mess up our hair. If you don’t believe me, just ask my hairdresser.


Angela said…
Don't you just LOVE that, Bev? Gitcher hair done and have to walk around with poise and your tongue stickin' out one side of your mouth (but STILL gotta strut ;-)), and with GREAT care dress and undress so ya don't mess it all up.

Oh, I remember my grandmothers wearing this funny looking pink foam wrap thingy with netting on it to bed and sleeping on satin pillowcases so their weekly visit to the beauty shop would stay coiffed until the next weekly visit. Sounds sexy to me! LOL!

Amazing what we do to be beautiful, isn't it, but exercise, me? Naw, THAT'S work! And one of my daughters is even a personal trainer...I get in trouble a lot. ;-)
Rhea said…
Beverly, I got news for ya. My mom was Jewish and she used the very same excuse!!
Anonymous said…
Now that's hilarious! I learn something new every day. :)
Dear Bev,

Just wanted you to know that I have listed you on my blog under Even More Great Women Bloggers at

Be sure and stop by and say HI!

Have a wonderful day... and then some.

Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™ - “Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™”

A Baby Boomer Diva...
I'm having this problem right now. I work out at least four days a week and I have natural hair. I am just not sure what to do with my hair for the next day when it's time to go to work. I am seriously considering a relaxer. UGH!
Anonymous said…
LOL I just did a search through google " why black women don't work out" And your page shows up!

I have had cancer twice and I'm 30,my hair has fallen out a few times. Its no big deal anymore when you are facing this.

Last yr I joined a gym. Its a small gym and I live in a city,but I have only seen 2 other black people at my gym and one of them is a trainer!!!

I love swimming,so I would rather cut my hair and wear a wig.

I wish I saw more sistahs working out,but I don't....

Thanks for bringing this up though,b/c I know how sistahs like getting their hair did,but there are too many of us that are overweight and unhealthy.

Anonymous said…
Yeah, that's a great gameplan ladies. Have your hair looking nice while you let your body get sloppy and out of control and then lie to yourself and say "i'm not fat, I'm thick". Horrible logic and and even more horrible excuse for being too lazy to take care of your health.

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