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What Will Sarah Palin Teach Her New Grandson?

After watching Sarah Palin during her bid to become the first female Vice President of the United States, I am wondering what kind of environment her new, little grandson will grow up in.

Here was a woman who was a staunch opponent of abortion. In 2006, when she was running for Governor of Alaska, Palin declared that she would not support an abortion for her own daughter even if she had been raped. (source: Huffington Post) So she went before the world embracing her teenage daughter's pregnancy. She also praised the young father for standing by her daughter. This is the same young man who referred to himself as a f------- redneck on his MySpace page with a mother who is facing six felony drug charges.

During the Presidential campaign, The Alaska Governor was mighty proud to also call herself a redneck and failed to reach out to any other segment of the voting population beyond the rural, white southern conservatives.

I won't even go into how she looked as a politician when questioned about foreign policy experience or the shopping sprees she went on with her family to look good for the cameras.

No, this is about Sarah Palin as a grandmother---a grandmother just like me. You see, Gov. Palin and I share something in common. Both of our daughters became teenage mothers and I believe we both want the best for them. But now that she has a little grandson to help nurture, what will she teach him? Will little Tripp see a world that is diverse with wonderful opportunities for everyone? Or will he be proud to grow up as a f------redneck like his dad and grandma with a warped view of the world?

Bristol is still in high school with no announced plans for college. The baby's daddy dropped out of high school but is reportedly taking online courses to earn a certificate while holding down a job. My daughter, meanwhile, has completed her first semester of college and made the Dean's List. Her two-year-old son is growing up healthy and happy with grandparents who are determined to help him understand and appreciate the good in EVERYBODY---regardless of race, creed or color.

I'm a firm believer that children adopt behaviors early based on the attitudes of people in their immediate surroundings. So time will tell as to how little Tripp grows up and interacts with the world. I wish him well.

Alaska Governor Welcomes First Grandchild


I am a conservative for most parts so as u said I am a fan of Sarah Palins. ;) I will say though that Her daughter has not made plans for college and to me this is a good thing! Many teens are watching her and she made a statement saying she choose a hard road and has had to put many personal plans on hold because her baby is now her responsability. What a great message to be sent to the teens watching her. As a mom u do have to put ur children before yourself. Your daughter is lucky to have you. Alot of teen moms would have no help.
you know there was that viral email that if Obama's teenage daughter was pregnant, what would the US of A say and do.

Well, same thing here. There are pros and cons to Palin's decision. The previous commentator said that it is good that Palin's daughter is not going to go to college right now and that is her making a statement that she has to put her personal plans on hold.

I do not believe that this is evidence that she wanted to go to college and now cannot go. We do not know if she ever wanted to go to college.

So we can put a spin on it, no matter how we look at it.

However, what your post does is what the election did but on a more personal level. She made her choices and we made ours. She does not reflect our choices.

More importantly, the support and true parenting that you have given your daughter to go on to college regardless of the child, will serve your daughter for many years to come. In fact, for the rest of her live. I applaud you as a parent that made beautiful lemonade out of what some may have considered lemons at the time.

Much love

Beverly said…

Bristol has an advantage most teenage moms don't have. She doesn't have to go to college. She has a family with financial resources to help her out.

Sadly, many young girls don't have many options to choose from. If my daughter decided not to go to college, she would be shunned by society as another girl who made a bad judgement. She wouldn't be someone other teenage girls would look to for guidance.

I sincerely appreciate your input on this subject matter.

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