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Summer Break

My daughter has officially completed her first year of college. Now she is back home for summer--but it will be ME who will be taking a much needed break.

That's right. After acting as primary caregiver for her two-year-old son, I have relinquished my duties so she can step back into the "mommy" role. That means I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night when I hear my grandson cry out that he needs to go potty. I can sleep later in the morning without having to worry about making sure he gets to daycare before 9:30am. And I won't have to rush to pick him up by 4:30--especially if I'm in a meeting that ran long. I'll be able to spend countless hours on Twitter if I want to and more importantly, hubby and I will get to spend some quality "we" time, which has been next to impossible with our grandson hanging on to our every move.

Are you a grandparent who has given up your retirement or your own plans in order to take on the diapers, daycare, teacher conferences, and everything else that comes along with raising children? Many baby boomers, like me, are stepping in to raise their grandchildren when the children's own parents are not able or willing to do so. According to the U.S. Census, over 2.4 million grandparents have responsibility for their grandchildren. I consider my contribution as an investment in her future.

Taking care of her son has become my daughter's summer job. Nope, there is no pay involved but the rewards she and my grandson will receive will be more valuable than all the money in the world!


Rhea said…
You are a good mom to do this for you daughter, and I also hope you enjoy the summer immensely!
Karen O'Bannon said…
As much as we enjoy having little ones around, a break is important and occasionally due.
Kathy W. said…

I know it must be difficult, but it is an incredible thing you are doing for Janie and Jarod and I admire you for it.

Kathy next door
Susan Adcox said…
I've been researching this topic a good bit for my website, and I am filled with admiration for all of you who are both grandparents and part-time or full-time parents. Every time my grandchildren visit, and I collapse on the couch afterward, I wonder how you all do it!
Eileen Williams said…
Oh, Beverly, take some much deserved R & R and live, live, live! You're a remarkable woman and a loving mother/grandmother to do all you do but, now, this time is YOURS! Relax in the sun, play on your computer, spend time with that man of yours, and just ENJOY!!!
Debra Stokes said…
. . . and aren't you looking forward to eating a HOT meal - without sharing!!!!!!!! I know your daughter appreciates all you do, probably more than she'll ever be able to express in words.

Enjoy your summer.
rosie said…
Maybe you and hubby can make another baby! Ha!
Debbie said…
lol to that last remark! Definitely done a fine job Bev, now settle back into your 'own time', look forward to seeing the next creative surge!!


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