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Social Media May Be Hazardous to Your Health

I went to the doctor this week and learned a rather interesting lesson about social media.

When the scale reflected the fact that I had GAINED and not LOST some weight, my doctor wanted to know what kind of activities I was involved in. I told her I was spending a lot of time on my computer these days. Sometimes I spend more than half of my day between Twitter and Facebook.

Not good, according to my doctor. She says spending hours at a time at a computer can create havoc on the body. In addition to the middle age spread, one might also develop knee, back and vision problems.

Another point she made was the stress factor. If you're looking to your computer as a means of financial support, you may find yourself with many frustrating days---especially if money is slow to come your way. That frustration, she says, can lead to high blood pressure and depending on heavily involved you are, it could also lead to something more serious.

So while many folks are busy singing the benefits of social media, a least one health expert--my trusted physician--says social media, just like alcohol, should be used in moderation.



I am on the computer a lot too. Recently I was thinking about how I spend time in the evening, right up until I go to bed, working and thinking away on the computer, never giving my mind time to slow down and rest before bed. Also, the sitting! I try to get up a lot and move, and also get out for a nice walk 3-5 times a week...I'd do it daily if our weather would cooperate :-)

Happy weekend, Claudia
Eileen Williams said…

This post is an important one in my book. I've been feeling guilty about the fact that I hardly ever Twitter and I don't yet have a Facebook page, and now I'm feeling lots better. I do spend (and waste) way too much time on the computer. And you're right, we need to get up, move, feel alive, and be grateful to enjoy all the natural beauty the world has to offer. Thanks for the reminder!
Debbie Stevens said…
Thanks for this crucial reminder!

I HAVE gained a few extra pounds, and have no doubt that all my time flittering about as a social networker, has ALOT to do with it!
Moderation is indeed, the word here, and I think we all have a tendancy, to put the 'old guilt-trick' on ourselves when we think we aren't keeping up??
Perhaps this is a message we, as women making a difference, need to pass onto others!
Let's be honest, we HAVE done extremely well to be where we are!

Thanks again Bev :)
Karen O'Bannon said…
I often feel bad because I don't keep up with the internet world very well since working full time limits my ability. Your post has made me feel much better about my choices.
rosie said…
Girl, your doctor is very wise. I had one doctor tell me to get up every hour and do something like stretch or dance. So,I have started doing that.
Yes, I have had my share of PT also. Must do the correct ergonomic thing.
Wow, I should reactivate my blog called Healthy Internet User cause that was the purpose to share and keep me straight.
Thanks for the reminder Bev we should do a series on this topic on BoomerTV. Perhaps you can interview your doctor.
rosie said…
Claudia, since you are almost close to me maybe we can get together for a bike ride one day. We can film it post it on our blogs.
Ok, if we don't schedule it right away we can both do it separately they we are moving and blogging.
Beverly said…

That's an excellent idea--to do a special series of reports on Boomer Health and interview my doctor. I'm going to ask her next week. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking forward to you putting together something as well.
Pam Archer said…
Count me in! My melt down last week had to do more with not keeping up with updating my blogs, twittering, Diva Yahoo Grouping it, or keeping up with Facebook. It's as if we feel we will miss something or will be forgotten and left behind.

During this time of refocusing, we may develop our own way of communicating, and in a healthy way.

Let's motivate people to move, one person at a time.

I would love to do some teaser workouts to get them to pay for the whole workout. The music is the's protected by ASCAP and BMI.

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