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Who Cares About Elder Abuse Part II

It's situations like this that make me appreciate my training as a journalist. I've learned how to dig to get to the bottom of a story. And that's what I've been doing in this case involving my mother-in-law.

On Thursday I received a call from the North Carolina Boad of Nursing. A woman who identified herself as Jennifer Lewis informed me they were going to begin an investigation into my claims of abuse and negligence at the Brian Center of Yanceyville. Ms. Lewis says their role is to look into what role licensed nurses on staff may have played in the negligence of reporting the physical brusies my MIL sustained. She even gave me a number to call to verify if, in fact, a formal report had been filed---as the Director of Nursing at The Brian Center claimed.

Of course I don't think we're ever going to find out exactly what happened. My mother-in-law has alzheimers and certainly can't tell us. But I am at least going to have the satisfaction of knowing the Brian Center staff won't be able to sweep this under the rug and close their files on this case. As a matter of fact, the case is more open than ever.

And to think all of this could've been avoided had the Brian Center documented, as best they could, what happened in a timely fashion. And why the Director of Nursing was so adamant about providing my husband and I with a copy of the report they allegedly filed with the State is beyond me. But it looks like she's going to have to answer to a higher power.

Now we'll see who has the last word.


Eileen Williams said…

I'm so sorry to learn that your mother-in-law may have been the victim of elder abuse. It's tragic when these things happen, especially when they happen to someone you know and love.
In all of this mess, the shining light is your knowledge of how to proceed and your passion to follow it through. Even though the Alzheimers may have robbed your MIL of consciously knowing all you've done, I'm sure she knows down deep in her soul.
Betty Lynch said…
I am so sorry this happened to your mother-in-law. Hurting small children and the elderly in just unacceptable. I am so grateful that you are able to get something done in this situation. This just does not need to happen to another person.
Anonymous said…
It grieves me to hear of abuse of anyone, but particularly the helpless, like our elders and our children.

They messed with the wrong person when they hurt your MIL! I say go get 'em Beverly, and do it with fervor. This abuse has got to stop!
Susan Adcox said…
Even if the bruises were sustained accidentally, there is no excuse for there being no note in her chart. I continue to be dismayed by the low standard of care in our "good" nursing homes. What happens in the "bad" ones is too terrible to think about.
craftycat said…
I am so sorry you and your family are going through this.

Women, children, and elderly are often victims of abuse because they couldn’t defend themselves. We must not tolerate such incidents and let them pass.

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