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You Never Know Who's Watching

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my email and discovered I had been nominated to receive a Kreative Blogger Award. I read the name of the person who nominated me but I didn't recognize it so I followed the link to her blog. As soon as I saw her picture, I knew who she was. She is someone I follow on Twitter. I don't see her there often but when she is, she is always engaging and pleasant and one of my best re-tweeters.

Needless to say, I am honored that Joanne Julius Hunold has taken the time to acknowledge me and my writing. She has moved from being a mere follower to a friend and one whose blogs are now on my favorites list.

The fact that Joanne nominated me as a "Kreativ Blogger" just goes to show you this---you never know who's watching you---whether it be on or offline. So it really does pay to put your best "tweets" or "face" (book) forward.

OK, so here's what I'm supposed to do:

Thank the person who has given me the award
Place the logo on my blog
Link to the person who nominated you
Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
Send a message to let them know they've been nominated

Seven Interesting Facts About Me

1. I'm a only child
2. I worked for Merrill Lynch and Liberty Mutual in between media jobs.
3. I went to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with Camp Lejeune Marines as an assignment.
4. I was a cheerleader in high school.
5. I was a high school Forensics Champion
6. Boomer Diva Nation was created as a result of a conversation I had with R&B Singer, Natalie Cole.
7. I won $10,000 in a bowling tournament.

Seven Blogs I Nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award

**This is hard because I enjoy many blogs**

I discovered Rhea Becker's blog a few years ago and have become an avid reader. The Boomer Chronicles is not only informative but also very entertaining. What many people may not know is Rhea used to write for People Magazine and I'm proud to say she is a member of Boomer Diva Nation.

Eileen Williams writes The Feisty Side of Fifty. Her posts are always interesting and she ties them into her podcasts which always has some of the most fascinating guests.

Pam Archer tells some of the funniest stories on her Homespun Highlights blog. I always find myself taking a trip down memory lane with her writing and her sense of humor is classic!

Mitch Mitchell has a blog called I'm Just Sharing. Half the time I have no clue what he's talking about but I love the way he writes because he helps me "get it." Mitch and I connected on Twitter and he has also become more than someone I'm following.

Rosie Horner is our blogging betty on Twitter. You might find an interesting blog post or a video. Rosie's one creative lady! She has several blogs but my favorite is Rosie's Boomer Review.

David Lindberg has a great blog called Davey's Locker. In addition to being a blogger, he's also a great songwriter/composer. He has samples of his music on his blog and I just learned one of his songs won May's Song of the Year.

Last but not least is Heidi Richards. I was so impressed with Heidi when I first connected with her online that I became a stalker. She is a one-woman conglomerate and one that I am honored to know. She has several sites but the one I frequent most is: WeMagazineforWomen.


Joanne Hunold said…
Hi Bev, It was my pleasure to nominate you. I did not realize you did not know my "real" name: did you know that I am also a member of Boomer Diva Nation? Anyway I wanted to point out I'm on twitter more often than it appears -- I just remain true to my nature (which means I listen and observe more often than talk). I did speak up when I have something to say, but if I don't feel I have something of value to offer I keep my mouth shut (and fingers off the keyboard). So you are absolutely right; you never know when someone is watching.

Joanne Julius Hunold (@intandem)
Eileen Williams said…
Dear Beverly,

I was pleased and honored to accept your nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you from the bottom of my feisty heart.

I always enjoy reading what you write on your blogs--your topics are timely and thought provoking and appeal to most every boomer woman. So, coming from you, I feel even more excited.

Thank you from one very grateful fan!
Eileen Williams said…
Thanks, Beverly, for nominating Feisty for this fabulous award! You constantly share your time, talents, and energy with your fellow divas and now I'm blessed even more by your generosity.

I'll try to live up to your recognition and keep on blogging in fresh and feisty ways. Thank you, my friend, THANK YOU!
Anonymous said…
Wow, I am totally honored to be on this list! I must go and find some great women bloggers now to honor.

Many thanks for mentioning We Magazine for Women. You are the best and I can see why you were nominated. Great content from a great lady.

Warmest regards,

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher WE Magazine for Women
Mitch said…
Thanks for the shout out, Bev. I appreciate it. Course, you forget that we actually met on Ryze first. :-)
slots and games said…
"The fact that Joanne nominated me as a "Kreativ Blogger" just goes to show you this---you never know who's watching you---whether it be on or offline."

It's true that one must give her best when joining in forums and leaving comments in a site. This is why it is important to avoid giving spammy comments.
shaving legs said…
"I read the name of the person who nominated me but I didn't recognize it so I followed the link to her blog. As soon as I saw her picture, I knew who she was. She is someone I follow on Twitter."

There is always a benefit when you take time to visit the site of other people.

"I don't see her there often but when she is, she is always engaging and pleasant and one of my best re-tweeters."

Does this mean then that it is better to tweet with quality in mind rather than with frequency and quantity?
Beverly said…
shaving legs,

First and foremost, you should offer "quality tweets" and be engaging. Quality overrules quantity EVERYTIME in my book.

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