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Has Tiger Woods Messed Things Up for ALL Men

Yesterday I found myself threatening to check my husband's cell phone for any suspicious numbers all because of Tiger Woods. Now, don't get me wrong. I have absolutely NO reason to mistrust my husband but I did become somewhat concerned after calling him several times, leaving messages and getting no response for a few hours. Certainly, many women can attest to the fact that a few hours can seem like an eternity if suspicion and doubt start creeping into your mind.

When he finally called me back, he told me he had left his phone in the car and didn't feel like going back to get it once he got into the office. I told him I would be checking his phone when he got home to see if there were some strange numbers in it (like Tiger's wife did). He said, "Tiger has messed things up for ALL men!" We got a chuckle out of that--but to be honest, when a scandal like that breaks--all of a sudden many husbands become a suspect. And maybe, righfully so--according to Donny Deutsch (from the Big Idea of MSNBC). The other night on Larry King, Deutsch said the scandal will only make Woods seem more human and thus even more desirable as an endorser. He also said Tiger hasn't done anything that at least 50 percent of men have done.


Maybe there is some truth to that. Remember Presidential Candidate John Edwards, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, President John F. Kennedy and yes, even my first husband is in that group. But unlike the others, my ex didn't have enough money to make me want to stay.


Glenn Herious said…
"Yes Bev relax,Going to group meetings and sales, my phone is either off on in the bag or the "car" Gale lives with this and sleeps well at night. Donny's point is valid,i remember as a kid.

My mother calling M Monroe a "Hoe' for the nation broadcast come get some "Happy Birthday Mr.President Song" to JFK with the first lady right there,,Nothing new with T.Woods.

Just a note from a guy, The number is 3 now?? Tiger is showing big signs he has wanted out of his "Marriage of Convenience" for some time now and did not know how to about it,getting out!"
Pat Montgomery said…
My husband says that he feels sorry for Tiger. Well, I do and I don't. I dislike all the publicity around the family about what is really a private matter. But on the other hand, had he kept it in his pants, like he should have, he wouldn't be in this mess.
Eileen Williams said…
The entire situation is sad, sad, sad. I don't know how I would feel if I learned that my husband was cheating on me. The emotion that comes to mind would be a deep wounding for the broken trust.
However, we just celebrated our 35th and, at this point, either of us cheating seems pretty unlikely. Thank goodness!
Vannie Ryanes said…

I think has made the men who are doing what was or is doing more cautious. The caution will last a while, then it will be back to the same game. It may have actually stopped some men from moving forward with plans ;-)

I do think it may make women more vigilant, but that could be good or bad. Good men may be blamed for something innocent.

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