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Ugly Sweaters at Christmas

It's that time of year again when we decorate our homes with a beautiful Christmas tree and festive lights. Then you have some of us who choose to decorate ourselves with some of the ugliest sweaters ever seen and then parade around town as if we were in a fashion show.

Today while shopping at Costco's I saw some of the most hidious looking sweaters I'd ever seen--and they were all worn by baby boomer women! I obviously didn't get the memo on this one and if I did, I'm glad I didn't read it.

One woman actually had on a sweater with blinking light bulbs. To top things off, another woman wore her reindeer sweater with a matching antler hat. Now I think if these sweaters had been worn by children, I might've been more inclined to say how cute they looked but when you're in your 50s and 60s, maybe it's time to give up that tradition---unless you're wearing it in the privacy of your home or just for family and friends.

I tried to find three similar sweaters to give you an illustration of what I saw today. Which one do you think is the UGLIEST--or have you actually seen worst?


Debra Stokes said…
Oh My!!
This is a hard choice to make - seeing how they're all about equal in appeal - but I vote for the red one with the santas. Can't wait to see the Easter versions!!!!
Betty Lynch said…
Well, I think the Christmas light vest would take first place. However I thought the snowman sweater was kind of cute. :-) I remember about 10 years ago they were in style.
Betty Lynch said…
Which one was the winner?
Kathy said…
I think the red one in the middle is the ugliest. The one on top isn't that bad, unless those lights actually light up, then it's really tacky. I, too, could live with the snowman one, but that one in the middle is ugly.

Bev, I actually have TWO sweaters that I wear at Christmas that I think are pretty. I'll have to bring them over and see if you think they're really ugly and no one has had the heart to tell me.
Rita said…
I also wrote about Christmas sweaters. A guest on a radio talk show advised older women not to wear their Christmas sweaters because it added 10 years to their ages. I wrote "Should Baby Boomer Women Wear Their Sweaters?"

I said, and commenters agreed, that Christmas sweaters could be worn if they give the wearer much joy. But they shouldn't be worn to more formal occasions.

Rita blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide
Pam Archer said…
These should be cut apart and repurposed as Christmas stockings. My niece did this and made some darling stockings.
I wouldn't be caught dead in a Christmas vest or sweater..however, you might find me walking around in heels that light up!!!
Mary Anne Nagy said…
OK, I confess. It wasn't one of the ones you pictured,


I wear the darned things!

Mary Anne
Beverly said…
The first sweater, with the light bulbs, was voted the ugliest. I, personally, felt it was number 2.

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