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Life's an Interesting Trip on Facebook

For the past several months I have been re-connecting with old high school and college classmates from the '70s via Facebook. Some of these people were truly my friends, while others had very little to say to me back then because I wasn't a part of their "in crowd."

As I read through some of their posts I am somewhat amazed that these are the SAME people I knew back then. Back then some were ready to kick my butt over the smallest of things. Some just didn't like me because of my skin complexion or the fact that I made good grades while others were simply jealous over the fact that I made the cheerleading squad and they didn't.

These re-connections have made me realize a few things:

Kids really do grow up.

Thank God there is a God and some of my former classmates have discovered the Bible.

Holding on to old grudges serves no purpose--besides the other person has probably long forgotten what the dispute was all about.

Real maturity comes when you learn to start judging others from the inside out instead of vice versa.

Everyone deserves a second chance to be a better person.

It's still nice to be remembered.

Join me as a I take another trip down memory lane on Sunday, February 28 during my interview with a former high school school mate who went on to have a successful NFL career.

BlogTalk Radio 7pm EST.


Eileen Williams said…
Just like my slow start with Twitter, I haven't yet paid enough attention to my Facebook page. But I do have connections with several old friends from high school. However, I've gone to most of the reunions so I had the wonderful opportunity to connect in person! You're so right--the older we get, the more we get along! Everyone is happy to see one another and there's no jealousy or cliques where someone feels picked on or left out. We're all just thrilled to be there and enjoy a true blast from the past!
Pam Archer said…
I can totally relate to what you are saying. I have been connnecting with some of my high school classmates, too. Some of them are still stuck in the '60's, and the "in" crowd, while others have grown beyond that and realized that some of us geeks were actually pretty cool people.
Debra Stokes said…
Good points, Bev. We are blessed to be able to look at life through 50+ years of experiences. Re-connecting with some people with whom we shared some of those early experiences serves to test our character - just what have we learned on this journey.
Pat Montgomery said…
Is it me that changed or them? I'm not sure. But I was definitely not in the "in"crowd in high school and now we can all talk and have fun. Did they change or is it the way I see myself makes me different in their eyes? Interesting to think about...
Beverly said…

I think time and growing older has been the difference. I also think the fact that you are a succesful author and talk show host has some bearing as well. Some people just want to say "I know her." You know what I mean?
Beverly, great post... I love your list and of course have one of my own!

It is important to take stock in our lives no matter what our age. And more important to revisit from time to time.

Thanks for sharing,

Heidi Richards Mooney
Kathy said…
But where would all these sitcoms and reality shows be without the people who have been nursing high school grudges for 30 years and people who have never gotten over their first crush?

One of my former classmates is diligently working on reconnecting my entire high school class, so now I am "friends" with a great number of people that I barely knew 35 years ago. That would be ok except that they never write anything meaningful; they're too busy playing silly Facebook games and reporting that they had a ham sandwich for lunch.

I'm just not a social network kinda girl, I guess. Unfortunately being a hermit doesn't pay well.

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