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Parents Children and Guns Don't Mix

While preparing for my radio show this morning, I decided to do some research and talk about some of the most bizarre stories of 2011. During my search, I came across what has to be not only bizarre but one of the most ridiculous stories I've ever heard of in my life!

A 17-year-old Florida girl reportedly pistol-whipped her mother because the mother refused to sign a car loan for her. On top of that, the daughter held the gun to her mother's head and forced her to drive to the dealership, where her mother decided to sign the car loan. The daughter then drove off in her new Nissan 350Z.



This is obviously the case of a spoiled brat who has lived a life of privilege. Her mother (and probably others) have catered to her every whim and the one time her mother decided to put her foot down, the daughter just wasn't having it.

This is definitely the extreme, but believe it or not more and more young people today live in a world of entitlment. Why? Because baby boomer and millennial parents have set a new definition for raising children.

Parents reach for their checkbooks whenever their grown children ask for money to pay their credit-card bills, parking tickets, real estate agent fees, medical expenses and insurance premiums. They buy them clothes, condos, new cars and vacations--and welcome them home again to live without asking them to pay rent.

As much as I thought I'd hate saying it, I am thankful for old school parents, who made me appreciate what it means to work hard to earn what I want.

There is no way in hell that a child should demand that a parent do anything for them. And the fact that this child threatened to kill her mother over a car makes me question the lack of parental guidance.

I wish my daughter would try to threaten me with some nonsense. I'll be calling the police and the undertaker.


Edith Thorpe said…
Beverly you know me, so when I post the next three letters, you know I am beyond myself. WTF...frickty frack!smh Ok, that said...I know there is an all out assault on families. Satan has declared that if he can get to the kids, he can kill families, then his job is done. He is using our children and has pulled out all the stops...and parents are the targets. I am and have been praying for families for a while because I understand that this is his plan...everyone who reads this, please pray for our children...please mentor our children and love them...even if they are not yours. There really are parents who are doing their best, but it's not good enough. And then there are parents not doing anything to raise their children correctly. Please, please do not take the time to judge the parents...JUST TAKE THE TIME TO HELP THE CHILDREN...THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!
WorkingBoomer said…
Beverly, You took the words right out of my mouth! Give me the old days. My kids are grown but I see it all the time. I also work for schools in security. Respect is out the door with most. At times it makes me so angry and it is so sad. Also I see in schools that they are trying to teach what should be taught at home but IS NOT as it use to be. At times, I am glad that I am my age because it scares me to look at the future for those that follow.
Beverly said…
Working Boomer and Edith Thorpe, It is a sad state of affairs when we see how children behave today. Some parents want to blame "peer pressure" as the cause, but we all know extreme behavior is LEARNED from an early age.

Thanks for commenting.

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