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Playing Hooky with My Grandson

When you were growing up did you ever play hooky from school? I did once or twice that I can recall. Last week I decided to play hooky from work. I called it a "Mental Health Day." Lord knows, when you work in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 160+ hours a month, you need to take a break even when you aren't really sick. I chose to call out because my eight-year-old grandson had the day off and I just felt like hanging out with him.

Since he spent the night before at my house, I thought for sure he would take advantage of a sleep-in day but noooooooooooo! He had to wake up BEFORE 8am with a growling stomach. That meant I had to get up and make breakfast. That's what grandmas do.

I planned a fun afternoon that included lunch and a movie out of town. So what would we see? I wanted to see the movie with Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray but my grandson was convinced that I wanted to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Never mind that he just saw the movie two days before, he was so sure I really would want to see that movie. So guess what? We went to see it and began the 20 minute trip from Durham to Morrisville. We didn't get there in time for the 12:15 showing so we bought tickets for the 2:30 showing and just hung out in the plaza area.

Since we weren't really hungry yet, we decided to pass the time away by throwing coins in the water fountain in front of the theater and by playing tag around this Christmas tree centered in the middle of the plaza.

After working up a hunger, we ate at Bad Daddy's which was right next door to the movie theater. And then it was showtime. We discovered we were the ONLY ones in the theater for the movie and that was pretty cool! And yes, my grandson was right. I really did like that movie.

It was a great mental health day for me and I was refreshed and revitalized to return to work the next day.


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