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You Can't Be White Privileged and DUMB Can You?

I'll be the first to admit I hated EVERY history class I ever took but there is one thing for sure---I did learn something.  Ihad to study it all (and take tests).  No, I can't tell you I remember much about the Battles of Gettysburg or Bunker Hill, but I did take an interest in the American Civil War and Battle Between the States as it related to the controversy over slavery.

During my early grade school years, teachers made me believe slaves were happy being on the plantation because after a hard days work (for no pay), they sat around singing spirituals and they never complained about the labor.  As I got older, I was led to believe the Civil War wasn't about slavery at all.  It was more about economics. Southerners weren't interested in "change."  They wanted to keep the good old days with slaves picking cotton and doing other jobs for no compensation, while the white masters and other white business owners got rich. They wanted to remain the Confederat…