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You Can't Look Pretty and Exercise

While I was out this morning, I ran into a few women, around my age, who were rather well dressed.  One had on a beautiful necklace with matching earrings; another had The Tammy Faye Baker look (face caked with make-up) and another had on a nice pantsuit.  I spoke to each one as I passed them individually but then I thought to myself, "Where the hell do they think they are?!"  WE'RE EXERCISING, for God's sake!

Yes, while I was out doing my morning walk/run around the Duke Wall (1.6 miles in distance), I noticed these other "mature" women out doing, what I thought, was the same thing.  But based on the way they were dressed, perhaps they were just taking a morning stroll.  Now that would make total sense if we were in a park setting----but the Duke Wall is a gravel, rugged, sandy track and when the maintenance crew is in the area working you're sure to get some of that dirt blown on your face and body.

I do know there are older women who won't dare step out in public without a certain "look" or image but if you're trying to exercise, you can't look pretty.  Real exercise is hard work.  If you're doing it to burn calories you will sweat and makeup sweat is not a good look.  And what's the point of wearing nice jewelry? It only exposes to you to possibly becoming the victim of a crime by someone with questionable motives for being at the Wall. 

So listen up my fellow baby boomer women....if you are going to exercise, be mindful of your appearance.  The website offers these suggestions:

Bras –  Strong support with comfort and flexibility is much better with the especially designed styles. They have wider, more comfortable straps, smooth seams, and durable, breathable fabrics. Danskin’s were originally developed for dancers and they have a long history of durability and comfort.  PLEASE WEAR ONE!  No one is interested in seeing sagging, floppy breasts.
Bottoms – Pants should be designed for ease of movement. You can choose from styles which are loose-fitting for comfort or form-fitting styles for support.  
Tops – Several different tops are important to have. They’re much nicer to wear than old worn out t-shirts. It’s good to have a wardrobe of tops for different temperatures, activities and locations. Choose a color you love and you’ll feel better wearing it.
Shoes – The right shoes become more important over 50.  I think Merrill shoes are perfect for women’s feet after 50. They’re lightweight, yet strong with good support. They have a roomy toe box with extra comfort for bunions, corns or any foot problems. They also have mesh inserts to breathe so feet don’t get too hot. A very wide choice of colors are available. 

And when you're finished working out, make sure you go home and shower instead of running errands. While it may be OK to make the excuse that you've just come from working out, someone who recognizes you in public may never forget your sweaty look or smell.  (I had to learn that lesson the hard way).



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